Vintage Circuit Board Restoration Service

Board Restoration

We offer a service where you can send in your circuit boards, we restore them and send them back. Our goal is to help “set the clock back” on a board, providing many more years of reliable use.

Vintage analog synths are complex. A reliable synth depends on many factors. This service is ONLY intended to improve reliability in a synth that is otherwise in working order. We do not repair synths. If you’re experiencing problems due to bad components, replacing them may fix the problem, or it may shed light on problems elsewhere in the synth.

Standard Service Includes:

  • Boards cleaned.
    Includes rust removal, flux removal, dust, etc.
  • Cracked components replaced.
    This includes all types of components where they’ve cracked or been bent to the point of lead fatigue.
  • All electrolytic caps replaced.
    Electrolytic caps, also known as “wet caps” are made with a moist paste inside. Over the years, this paste can dry up or corrode the internal conductors of the cap.  Caps of this type generally have a 15-25 year lifespan. We replace all wet caps during restoration.
  • All carbon resistors tested.
    Most carbon resistors on vintage synths are 35 to 50 years old. Their age causes them to lose value. We test all carbon resistors as a matter of course. All carbon resistors that are out of the 5% tolerance range will be replaced. All carbon resistors can be replaced with 1% metal film resistors (additional labor rates apply).
  • Boards inspected and re-soldered.
    A very common source of problems are cracked or cracking solder joints.
    We closely inspect every connection on every board, re-soldering as needed.

We will begin service on November 1, 2017.