Mobile Microblog #3

A mistake on my part turned into an opportunity to provide documentation showing my old boss is not ok. Of course, it happened because she triggered the fuck outta me by pretty much duplicating the kind of email tantrum Kevin used to have. (Y’all who exchanged emails with him know what I mean.) I was furious enough to pack up my laptop and work from home for two days to avoid yelling at her. Yeah, I made a mistake, but act like a grown-up in the workplace and accept my apology, don’t fucking point out the typo and continue to incorrectly assume I’d delete important data. Srsly.

Sweetie is due back in less than 48 hours. He’s been gone 3 weeks for a cool work project on the other side of the country. Darling and I have enjoyed the opportunity to spend all this time together–it’s rare for us, actually. (Well, we are in a triad!) We got through a lot of the first CSI series (just started season 7) and cleaned up a bit. I drove Sweetie’s car when it rained last week, and have been driving it off and on since. Such a different experience than driving my car.

Kevin will always be with me. Sometimes his absence hurts more than others. All I know is that I can’t go back a quarter century and not move in with him. And let’s face it, I wouldn’t if I could.

i think that Shakespeare describes Amor Fou in Othello–love not wisely but too well.